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Emflon® PFA Cartridges (Japanese)

エンフロン® PFA フィルターカートリッジ
Kleenpak® Presto Sterile Connector (Japanese)

Kleenpak プレスト無菌コネクター
Newform™ Medical Grade LDPE Bags (Japanese)

Newform™ 医療用グレード LDPE バッグ
Activated Carbon Filters (Japanese)

活性炭フィルターSeitz® AKS
Mustang® Q XT Chromatography Capsules (Japanese)

Mustang® Q XT クロマトグラフィーカプセル
Allegro™ Systems (Japanese)

Allegro™ システム
Small Sterile Air Filters (Japanese)

Small Filter Assembly (Japanese)

Kleenpak™ Nova Capsule Filters (Japanese)

クリーンパック™ ノバ・カプセルフィルター
Centramate™ 500 S Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF) System (Japanese)

Centramate™ 500 S TFFシステム
Allegro™ 2D Biocontainer (Japanese)

Allegro™ 2D バイオコンテイナー
Info Sheet: Membranes for Transfer and Immobilization

Information about Pall's Membranes for Transfer and Immobilization
Info Sheet: T-Series TFF Cassettes with Omega Membrane

Information about the T-Series TFF Cassettes with Omega Membrane. Ideal for development, pilot, and production-scale TFF applications in diverse biological and biopharmaceutical processes
Data Sheet: SolVac Filter Holder

Information about Pall's SolVac Filter Holder for Mobile Phase Filtration
Info Sheet: Pall Nucleic Acid Binding Nanosep Centrifugal Device

Information about the Pall Nucleic Acid Binding Nanosep Centrifugal Device. Incorporating a dual layer silica-based quartz glass fiber media to allow for efficient binding of DNA and RNA
Info Sheet: Sentino Magnetic Filter Funnels

Information about Pall's Sentino Magnetic Filter Funnels, Unique funnels d esigned for use with the Sentino Microbiology Pump
Data Sheet: Envirochek and Envirochek HV Sampling Capsules and Accessories

Information about Pall's envirochek and Envirochek HV Sampling Capsules. Designed for the concentration and recovery of Cryptosporidium sp. oocysts and Giardia sp. cysts
Info Sheet: Filtration Products for Air Monitoring and Sampling

Information about Pall's membrane discs and sheets, filters, holders, and cassettes designed specifically for environmental air applications
Info Sheet: 37 mm Quality Monitor

Information about the 37 mm Quality Monitor. Disposable filter unit for the recovery of microorganisms and particulate contamination in aqueous samples
Info Sheet: AcroPrep Advance Filter Plates

Information about Pall's range of AcroPrep Advance Filter Plates & the applications they can be used for, including; multiplex assays, lysate clearance & DNA purification