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Glass Fiber Media (Hydrophobic) Flyer

For Venting and Air/Gas Filtration Applications
Ion Exchange Membranes Flyer

Pall’s family of ion exchange membranes utilizes the principles of sorbent-based ion exchange chromatography on flat stock membrane.
BioTrace™ NT Flyer

Nitrocellulose Membrane for Biomolecule Detection
Nylon Membranes (Hydrophilic) Flyer

Pall provides nylon 6,6 membranes for liquid filtration applications such as sample preparation and lysate clearing.
Versapor WWA Membranes (Hydrophilic) Flyer

Acrylic copolymer membranes are our most robust materials for general filtration applications.
Vivid Lateral Flow Nitrocellulose Flyer

Membrane Consistency for Assay Reproducibility and Sensitivity
Melt blown Media (Polypropylene) Flyer

For Liquid Clarification and Prefiltration Applications
CytoSep® Membrane Flyer

For Plasma Separation from Whole Blood
Vivid Plasma Separation Membranes Flyer

One Step Plasma Separation from Whole Blood
Leukosorb Media Flyer

White Blood Cell Isolation Medium for Molecular Diagnostics
Diagnostic Nylon Membranes Flyer

For Biomolecule Detection
Glass Fiber Media (Hydrophilic) Flyer

Efficient clarification of aqueous based solutions
Emflon PTFE Membranes Flyer

PTFE Membranes for Venting Applications
Versapor RC Membranes Flyer

The Versapor RC range of hydrophobic and oleophobic membranes are used where particle, bacterial and viral retention is required in venting applications.
Asymmetric Membranes Flyer

For Highly Efficient Fluid Clarification