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Learn more about the benefits of particle filtration for both patients & staff members. From the health impact to the economic impact, get to know how our Particle Filtration solutions can support.
Our capsule filters are specifically designed to remove gelatinous material and particles from liquid crystal material, in the manufacture of thin film transistor displays. These filters are designed with low outgassing and broad chemical compatibility.
Concerns about novel Coronavirus, like the 2002 pandemic, are rising. Our hydrophobic breathing system filters efficiently contain the infectious Coronavirus.
Select the optimal quality assured, consistent nitrocellulose membrane for sensitivity and ease of use of your diagnostic lateral flow point-of-care test.
We offer the largest selection of microporous membranes and separation materials in a wide range of materials for applications in a diverse chemistry environment.
Use Pall’s Point-of-Use (POU) water filters for water infection prevention for faucets, showers, and ice machines. It acts as a barrier to Legionella spp., Pseudomonas spp., and non-tuberculosis mycobacteria. Shop now.
Explore our Healthcare Point-of-Use Water Filtration Solutions. Ensuring that hospital water is pathogen-free is crucial, especially for immunocompromised patients.
Use Pall’s point-of-use filters for the filtration of waterborne bacteria, legionella, non-tuberculoasis mycobacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Read more.
Healthcare-associated infections are a leading cause of mortality especially among immunocompromised patients such as neonates.
Manage infection risks from potable water in hospital and healthcare facilities: the role of water filtration.
Lean more about Pall Medical's product applications and explore the hospital water filtration declaration of compliance.
Minimize waterborne pathogen infection risks due to the design of water system plumbing in healthcare facilities.
Learn more about how we create barriers to microbial contaminants and ensure that potable water is safe for Public and Residential Facilities.
We are a market-leader in the supply of quality and consistent microporous membranes and medical devices used in the healthcare industry.
Pall’s anesthesia circuits help in pulmonary function testing to retain saliva, microdroplets, and secretion in a patient’s expiratory gas. They generate less medical waste and have low cost. Read more.
We have a wide range of membranes and media suitable for use by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that can be used in both PCR and lateral flow tests.
We are a global, multi-site manufacturer with an impressive portfolio of OEM filter devices and experience to meet your demanding material requirements.
KRINKO have recently updated their guidelines accordingly, now recommending in-line filtration to reduce patient harm and improve patient outcomes.