Activated Carbon Filter Sheets

For color and flavor

Seitz® Activated Carbon Filter Sheets were developed to satisfy general purpose carbon adsorption applications in the food and beverage industry. Why activated carbon sheets? The sheet media incorporate activated carbon within a matrix of cellulosic fibers, which can be coupled with a protective filter paper to prevent carbon particle shedding downstream of the filter. Additionally, the Seitz immobilized carbon filter media's adsorption efficiency is greater than an equivalent amount of bulk powdered activated carbon (PAC), reducing overall process time and increasing product yield. An internal comparative study using the same carbon grade showed up to 150% better color removal efficiency than bulk PAC.

Activated Carbon Filter Sheets

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Seitz® AKS4 Series Depth Filter Sheets, AKS 4 m. SB 400x400

Product ID: B05019
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Filter Media
Activated carbon Kieselguhr and CelluloseF ibers
Filter Area (Imperial)
1.73 ft²
Filter Area (Metric)
0.16 m²
Hot Water Sanitization
90 °C
Size (Imperial)
15.8 x 15.8 in
Size (Metric)
400 x 400 mm
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Seitz AKS4 Sheets:

  • Correction of off-color, flavor and odors in distilled spirits
  • Decolorization of sweetener and sugar syrups 
  • Color correction in juice and beer applications
  • Gelatin decolorization and deodorization