Classical DE Depth Filter Sheets

Meet the entire range of food and beverage removal requirements

Choose the Seitz® Depth Filter Sheet that meets the entire range of removal requirements across many food and beverage industry applications, including wine, spirits and food ingredients. Designed with the selection and quality control (QC) of raw materials in mind, this leading filtration portfolio meets the highest quality standards you’ve come to expect from Pall. Classical Depth Filter Sheets are available in multiple grades for microbial reduction and applications requiring fine, clarifying and coarse filtration. The Classical Depth Filter portfolio includes:

  • The Seitz K Series for a wide range of food and beverage applications
  • The Seitz HS Series for applications requiring high stability
  • The Seitz HR Series for cellulase enzyme filtration
  • The Seitz T Series for technical or complex filtration applications

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Seitz® T Series Depth Filter Sheets, T 2600 400x400 in cartons

Product ID: 1426045
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Filter Media
Filter Area (Imperial)
1.73 ft²
Filter Area (Metric)
0.16 m²
Hot Water Sanitization
90 °C
Size (Imperial)
15.8 x 15.8 in
Size (Metric)
400 x 400 mm
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Seitz K Series

  • Seitz EKS, Seitz EK 1, Seitz EK, Seitz KS 50, Seitz KS 80

Microorganism reduction and yeast removal in wine, final filtration of juice and juice concentrate, microorganism reduction in sugar syrups and microorganism reduction in enzyme solutions


  • Seitz K 100, Seitz K 150, Seitz K 200, Seitz K 250, Seitz K 300 

Polishing of wine, prefiltration of juice prior to final membrane filtration and haze removal in apple juice


  • Seitz K 700, Seitz K 800, Seitz K 900 

Wine clarification, particle removal from fruit juice and tea-based drinks, prefiltration of juice concentrate, olive oil polishing and enzyme solution and sweetener clarification


Seitz HS Series

  • Seitz HS 200, Seitz HS 400

Fine filtration of beer for bacteria and yeast reduction, microorganism reduction in enzymes


  • Seitz HS 800, Seitz HS 1000, Seitz HS 2000

For beer clarification and DE trap filtration, polishing filtration of thick broth gelatin and fine filtration of enzymes


  • Seitz HS 4000, Seitz HS 6000 

Prefiltration and coarse filtration of beer and clarification of thin broth gelatin and enzymes


Seitz HR Series: 

  • Seitz HR 100

Fine filtration and reduction of microorganisms in cellulase enzyme solutions 


  • Seitz HR 2000

Cellulase enzyme clarification and fine filtration 


  • Seitz HR 9000 Coarse filtration of cellulase enzymes


Seitz T Series

  • Seitz T 120, Seitz T 500, Seitz T 750, Seitz T 950 

Coarse filtration of rennet, coarse clarification of rapeseed and wheat germ oil and fine filtration of sugar syrup


  • Seitz T 1000, Seitz T 1500, Seitz T 2100

Wine clarification, coarse filtration of natural extracts, coarse filtration of sugar syrup and coarse filtration of honey and edible oils 


  • Seitz T 2600, Seitz T 3500, Seitz T 5500 

Sugar syrup clarification, particle removal in spirits and clarification of enzyme solutions