Pure Cellulose Depth Filter Sheets

Gentle filtration for premium beverages, flavors and food ingredients

Seitz® ZD Pure Cellulose Depth Filter Sheets consist of highly fibrillated pure cellulose (produced without the use of any inorganic material such as diatomaceous earth (DE) or perlite. No ion release means the media offer very gentle filtration for premium and quality beverages from coarse to microbiological reduction. Available without slit, pre-folded, carton box packaging  (Orion Type Filter Press) or with slit, pre-folded, carton box packaging (Niro Type Filter Press). Other formats are available on request.


The service life of the Seitz ZD media is at least on the same level as classical DE sheets. If the regeneration process is possible, it can exceed the classical DE sheet by at least 20 percent.

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Seitz® ZD Series Depth Filter Sheets, Seitz-K 100 ZD 400x400

Product ID: 5307573
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Filter Media
Cellulose Fibers
Filter Area (Imperial)
1.73 ft²
Filter Area (Metric)
0.16 m²
Hot Water Sanitization
60 °C
Recommended max.dp
3 bar
Size (Imperial)
15.8 x 15.8 in
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  • Seitz EK ZD, Seitz KS 80 ZD 

Microorganism reduction and yeast removal in beverages like wine, beer, juices, and liquid food, filtration of juices and juice concentrate prior to membrane filtration, microorganism reduction in sugar syrups, and microorganism reduction in enzyme solutions


  • Seitz K 100 ZD, Seitz K 250 ZD

Polishing filtration of wine, polishing filtration of beer, haze removal in beverages and polishing filtration of olive oil to remove trace water


Wine filtration

The lower colloidal retention of Seitz ZD Sheets helps to preserve wine components that are important for high-quality wines' mouth-feel. (For wines with very high colloidal content, it is recommended to use DE sheets as a prefilter before membrane filters to avoid accidental colloidal membrane clogging).


Beer filtration

Seitz ZD media adsorbs fewer valuable beer ingredients such as hop oils (monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes) and bitterns. Color stripping is also much lower. The ion release of iron, arsenic, lead, aluminum and other critical heavy metals is reduced to a minimum. Additionally, cellulose sheet filters show a reduced risk for mold growth. The pure cellulose matrix allows the reduction of drip losses by 90 percent or more.