Seitz® PERMAdur® S Support Sheets

Ideal for high performance and longevity 

The Seitz Permadur S Support Sheets afford stable, reusable precoat filtration in plate and frame presses. After filtration, the plate and frame are opened. The filter cake is removed, leaving the Seitz PERMAdur S filter sheet ready for the next run. Made of high-quality cellulose and polyolefin fibers, Seitz PERMAdur S support sheets' production is based on the latest technological and scientific achievements in-depth filter media. Get the support sheets with up to 30 percent longer service life over conventional sheets.  

  • Reduced appearance of swelling in the DE filter during filtration
  • May be removed from the filter intact without risk of damage or tearing
  • Retention of wet strength even with repeated hot sanitizations
  • Full traceability - Each individual filter sheet is laser etched with the sheet grade, batch number and production date. The packing label includes sheet grade, batch, identification number and a fork and glass symbol.
Seitz PERMAdur S Support Sheets

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PERMAdur® S Support Filter Sheets, PERMAdur S 400x800 ME UF/K

Product ID: 5303293
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Filter Media
Celluloses, Polyolefin fibers
Filter Area (Imperial)
3.42 ft²
Filter Area (Metric)
0.32 m²
Hot Water Sanitization
85 °C
Size (Imperial)
15.7 x 31.4 in
Size (Metric)
400 x 800 mm
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  • PERMAdur S Support Filter Sheets

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Instructions for Use

  • Seitz Sheets: Instructions

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Food Contact Compliance 

  • Please refer to the Pall website for a Declaration of Compliance to specific National Legislation and/or Regional Regulatory requirements for food contact use.


Materials of Construction

  • Main components: Celluloses, Polyolefin fibers
  • Components <3%: Resin



  • Mass per unit area g/m2 - 855
  • Thickness mm – 3.5
  • Ash %  < 1
  • Heavy metals* (ppm) < 50
  • Permeability L/m2/min at 1 bar 4370


These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods and the methods of the Technical / Analytical Work Group within the European Depth Filtration Association. *According to recommendation XXXVI/1 of the BgW.


  • Exctractable ions soluble in 5% acetic acid mg/m2
  • CA 800
  • Fe 5
  • Al 15



Filter sheets produced in a controlled environment. Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.


Suggested Operating Instructions

Handling during installation 

  1. Place sheet over support plate of the plate and frame filter
  2. For filters with manual tightening device: moisten filter sheets then tighten
  3. For filters with hydraulic tightening device: tighten up to filter pre-pressure of 30-35 bar (432-507 psi). Rinse the filter with warm water at ambient temperature in a forward flow direction with at a flow of at least 50 L/m2
  4. Control and adjust the filter to a pre-pressure of 30-35 bar (432-507 psi) and sterilize


Rinsing post filtration 

  1. Flush with water at a temperature of 50-55 °C (122-131 °F)
  2. Flow in the forward direction: should be at least nominal filter output
  3. Counter pressure of 0.5 bar (7.25 psi)
  4. Duration: 10-15 minutes or until the rinse water is clear.


Hot water flushing 

  1. Water temperature: >85 °C (185 °F)
  2. Flow in the forward direction: minimal nominal filter output
  3. Counter pressure of 0.5 bar (7.25 psi)
  4. Duration: until a temperature of at least 85 °C (185 °F) is achieved on the outlet side. Allow the filter to stand for at least 30 minutes with hot water. Open the vent valve on the filter inlet side.



  1. Steam temperature: max 121 °C (250 °F), low-pressure steam
  2. Duration: 20 minutes