M3 DFT Classic® High-capacity String Wound Filter Cartridges

An Economical Alternative to Pleated Cartridges

The M3 DFT Classic Series filter cartridges are string wound, high-capacity depth filter cartridges with positive double O-ring sealing, effectively eliminating potential fluid bypass in most applications. With a wide range of retention ratings to meet specific application requirements, these cotton and polypropylene filter cartridges extend the life of expensive final filters in many applications.

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DFT Classic®


Oil & Gas

Cartridge Length (Imperial)

29.75 in

Cartridge Length (Metric)

756 mm

DFT Classic®, Filter Cartridges, Removal Rating 10 μm, Nylon, Length 29.75 Inches product photo

DFT Classic®, Filter Cartridges, Removal Rating 10 μm, Nylon, Length 29.75 Inches

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Why choose M3 String Wound, depth filter cartridges?

In addition to being an inexpensive alternative to pleated cartridges, these high-capacity cartridges are free from epoxies and glues and available in retention ratings from 0.5, 1, 3, 10, or 25 µm. 

Product Highlights:

  • Fit into most standard housings
  • Do not contaminate fluid streams
  • Extend the life of expensive final filters in many applications


Chemicals and Polymer:

  • Polymer – Carbon fiber production, nylon production and polyurethane production



Materials of construction


Filter media: Bleached cotton, standard cotton, FDA-listed polypropylene1


Center core: Polypropylene


Sealing: Thermal bond


O-rings: Nitrile, fluorocarbon elastomer, hydrocarbon rubber, silicone elastomer


Dimensions (nominal)


Outside diameter: 6.4 cm (2.5 in)


Lengths: 25.4 cm (10 in), 50.8 cm (20 in), 76.2 cm (30 in), 102 cm (40 in)


1 Please contact Pall Corporation to verify that the product conforms to your national legislation and/or regional regulatory requirements for water and food contact use.


Maximum differential pressure

3.45 bard @ 25°C (50 psid @ 77°F)


Maximum operating temperature

2.8 bard @ 60°C (40 psid @ 140°F)


Recommended change-out differential pressure2

2.4 bard (35 psid)


2 Provided that the maximum differential pressure is not exceeded based on temperature limits defined above.


Material Selection Guide 


Material Filter Medium
Cotton Polypropylene
Polypropylene core 60°C (140°F) maximum temperature 60°C (140°F) maximum temperature
Potable liquids, water Excellent Excellent
Oils Excellent Good
Organic acids Good Excellent
Alkalies Good Excellent
Oxidizing agents Fair Poor
Strong inorganic acids Not recommended Excellent
Dilute inorganic acids Fair Excellent
Micro-organism resistance Poor Excellent


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