3M High Flow Retrofit Filter Element

Pall’s new 3M High Flow Retrofit Filters allow users of other manufacturers’ elements to benefit from Pall technology without the need to replace or modify the existing housing/vessel. The 3M High Flow Filters are direct ‘drop-in’ replacements for existing elements. 

The filter media and element designs combine industry-leading technologies and advanced manufacturing processes to deliver unsurpassed performance and value in every element.

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Pall Fit 3M Retrofit Large Format Filters, Removal Rating 5 μm, Length 40 inches, Silicone

Product ID: RPF009UY640S0050S
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Cartridge Length
40/1016 inch/mm
Filter Grade
5 µm
Cartridge Length (Imperial)
40 in
Cartridge Length (Metric)
1016 mm


Pall-Fit 3M High Flow Retrofit Filters offer –

  • Longer service life with their laid over pleat design
  • High-performance filtration in 8 media grades
  • Multiple seal options
  • Competitive pricing


Oil & Gas Industry filtration applications


A wide range of filter element configurations

Pall retrofit filters are available for a wide range of 3M filter housings. With multiple filtration grades, seal options, and lengths, Pall retrofit filter elements can easily be added to your system.


Standard 3M references


3M High

Flow p/n

Pall Retrofit P/N






HF60PP001A RPF009UY660S0010S 60 1 Silicone
HF60PP001B RPF009UY660S0010V 60 1 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP001C RPF009UY660S0010E 60 1 EPDM
HF60PP001D RPF009UY660S0010N 60 1 Nitrile
HF60PP002A RPF009UY660S0020S 60 2 Silicone
HF60PP002B RPF009UY660S0020V 60 2 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP002C RPF009UY660S0020E 60 2 EPDM
HF60PP002D RPF009UY660S0020N 60 2 Nitrile
HF60PP005A RPF009UY660S0050S 60 5 Silicone
HF60PP005B RPF009UY660S0050V 60 5 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP005C RPF009UY660S0050E 60 5 EPDM
HF60PP005D RPF009UY660S0050N 60 5 Nitrile
HF60PP010A RPF009UY660S0100S 60 10 Silicone
HF60PP010B RPF009UY660S0100V 60 10 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP010C RPF009UY660S0100E 60 10 EPDM
HF60PP010D RPF009UY660S0100N 60 10 Nitrile
HF60PP015A RPF009UY660S0150S 60 15 Silicone
HF60PP015B RPF009UY660S0150V 60 15 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP015C RPF009UY660S0150E 60 15 EPDM
HF60PP015D RPF009UY660S0150N 60 15 Nitrile
HF60PP025A RPF009UY660S0250S 60 25 Silicone
HF60PP025B RPF009UY660S0250V 60 25 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP025C RPF009UY660S0250E 60 25 EPDM
HF60PP025D RPF009UY660S0250N 60 25 Nitrile
HF60PP040A RPF009UY660S0400S 60 40 Silicone
HF60PP040B RPF009UY660S0400V 60 40 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP040C RPF009UY660S0400E 60 40 EPDM
HF60PP040D RPF009UY660S0400N 60 40 Nitrile
HF60PP070A RPF009UY660S0700S 60 70 Silicone
HF60PP070B RPF009UY660S0700V 60 70 Fluorocarbon
HF60PP070C RPF009UY660S0700E 60 70 EPDM
HF60PP070D RPF009UY660S0700N 60 70 Nitrile



3M High

Flow p/n

Pall Retrofit P/N






HF40PP001A RPF009UY640S0010S 40 1 Silicone
HF40PP001B RPF009UY640S0010V 40 1 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP001C RPF009UY640S0010E 40 1 EPDM
HF40PP001D RPF009UY640S0010N 40 1 Nitrile
HF40PP002A RPF009UY640S0020S 40 2 Silicone
HF40PP002B RPF009UY640S0020V 40 2 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP002C RPF009UY640S0020E 40 2 EPDM
HF40PP002D RPF009UY640S0020N 40 2 Nitrile
HF40PP005A RPF009UY640S0050S 40 5 Silicone
HF40PP005B RPF009UY640S0050V 40 5 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP005C RPF009UY640S0050E 40 5 EPDM
HF40PP005D RPF009UY640S0050N 40 5 Nitrile
HF40PP010A RPF009UY640S0100S 40 10 Silicone
HF40PP010B RPF009UY640S0100V 40 10 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP010C RPF009UY640S0100E 40 10 EPDM
HF40PP010D RPF009UY640S0100N 40 10 Nitrile
HF40PP015A RPF009UY640S0150S 40 15 Silicone
HF40PP015B RPF009UY640S0150V 40 15 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP015C RPF009UY640S0150E 40 15 EPDM
HF40PP015D RPF009UY640S0150N 40 15 Nitrile
HF40PP025A RPF009UY640S0250S 40 25 Silicone
HF40PP025B RPF009UY640S0250V 40 25 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP025C RPF009UY640S0250E 40 25 EPDM
HF40PP025D RPF009UY640S0250N 40 25 Nitrile
HF40PP040A RPF009UY640S0400S 40 40 Silicone
HF40PP040B RPF009UY640S0400V 40 40 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP040C RPF009UY640S0400E 40 40 EPDM
HF40PP040D RPF009UY640S0400N 40 40 Nitrile
HF40PP070A RPF009UY640S0700S 40 70 Silicone
HF40PP070B RPF009UY640S0700V 40 70 Fluorocarbon
HF40PP070C RPF009UY640S0700E 40 70 EPDM
HF40PP070D RPF009UY640S0700N 40 70 Nitrile



Specific 3M references based on O-ring option


Medium: High-efficiency melt-blown polypropylene media with a long, proven track record of success in Pall’s own High Flow elements


Polypropylene end caps, core, drainage material, and outer wrap


Rating:  from 1 µm to 70 µm


Seal: standard seal options like Silicone, Fluorocarbon, EPDM, Nitrile   for standard references to FEP encapsulated Fluorocarbon O-ring for specific references


OD: 6” Nominal


Length: 40” & 60” Nominal 


Effective filtration area:

57 sq. ft for 40-inch element

85 sq. ft for 60-inch element


Maximum Operating Differential Pressure: 50 psid (3.45 bar)

Maximum Operating Temperature: 82°C (180°F) for compatibility in a wide range of fluids


Laid -over-pleat design: Optimized for performance

Laid-over-pleating maximizes filtration surface area within a given element envelope. It also enables uniform flow distribution through the filter element, resulting in uniform dirt buildup within the filtration medium for extended filter service life.









Quality Note 

Pall High Flow retrofit filter elements are manufactured at Pall sites that are ISO9001 certified. They are traceable back to manufacturing lots by date code printed on the bag label. Each lot is integrity tested by the reverse bubble point test method.


Global Presence – Local Support

Pall is a global company with offices in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. This global presence allows us to provide local commercial or technical support whenever or wherever there is a customer need.


Q.1. What are the benefits of using Pall’s 3M High Flow Retrofit Filter Elements?

- The 3M High Flow Filter retrofit Elements offer unsurpassed performance and value without the need to replace or modify the existing housing/vessel. These filters are the direct ‘drop-in’ replacements for existing elements and fit directly into the existing filter housings.

The laid-over-pleat design of these filters maximizes the filtration surface area within a given element envelope and enables uniform flow distribution through the filter element. It results in uniform dirt buildup within the filtration medium for extended filter service life.

The filters deliver high-performance filtration and come with multiple seal options and competitive pricing.


Q.2 In how many media grade options are Pall’s 3M High Flow Retrofit Filter Elements available?

- The 3M High Flow Retrofit Filter Elements are available in 8 media grades and multiple sealing options.