Quick Order

Quick Order Form

It is possible to add multiple products to the cart at once by entering product ID and quantity via the Quick Order functionality.

Quick Order link

  1. Click the Quick Order link.
    The Quick Order & Order by File form is opened.
  2. Enter the product ID and the desired quantity.
    By default, the user can add five products.
  3. Click Add 5 rows to extend the form with five additional lines.
  4. Click Add To Cart in the Quick Order form section.

Order by File

Using the CSV import, you can import a customizable number of products in a single step, just by providing a CSV file.

The CSV file must use the syntax <ProductID;QuatityInteger>.




  1. Browse for the prepared CSV file.
  2. Click Add to Cart in the CSV File section.
INFO: The quick order functionality was also implemented at the cart page with the restriction of only one product at the time.