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An oncolytic viral vector was used to investigate viral infection efficiency and the distribution of oncolytic virus in four different scales of iCELLis Nano bioreactors.
We evaluated serum free, chemically defined (CD) media formulations for adenovirus vector production in the iCELLis® Nano bioreactor.
Aber’s FUTURA biomass probe helps provide reliable, continuous readings of cell biomass while using the iCELLis® bioreactor technology. Read more.
The following data has been reported in peer reviewed publications to support the efficacy of Pall’s iCELLis bioreactor.
Optimization of the iCELLis® bioreactor process appears to be a promising alternative for transient transfection viral vector manufacturing. Read more.
Describes a highly efficient single-use bioreactor for producing gene therapy viral vectors with flexibility of using serum-containing or serum-free media.
Next generation single-use bioreactor systems offering performance improvements, operational simplicity, and improved reliability for upstream operations.
Explore Pall's end-to-end process support, from development to industrialization, with a set of scalable solutions for lentivirus production.
As gene therapy & gene-modified cell therapy continue to gain interest, we discuss depth filtration as a solution for AAV Manufacturing. Learn more.
Bradley Phillips from our Equipment Support Hotline shows the depth of knowledge within the team and details how the hotline has become an indispensable tool in resolving issues quickly.
Pall's end-to-end process support, from development to industrialization with a set of scalable solutions for adeno-associated virus production.