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Marksman™ Elements with Nexis® A Series Filters product photo

Using CoLD® fiber technology and inside-out flow traps, Marksman™ Elements with Nexis® A Series Filters offer a replacement to bag filters. Gradient pore structure is compliant with a broad range of retention ratings. Nexis lowers overall cost and fits into bag housings with no hardware changes necessary. Integrity is guaranteed with meeting USP Biological Reactivity standards.

BioTrace™ NT Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane product photo

Membranes have a high binding affinity (209µg/cm2) and are ideal for Western blot confirmatory tests. High binding capacity for proteins and nucleic acids. Lower protein burnthrough than competitors in electrophoretic transfers.

Biodyne® Nylon Transfer Membranes product photo

Provide high sensitivity and low background for enhanced detection and resolution. Will not crack, shrink, or tear when subjected to multiple cycles of hybridization, stripping, and reprobing.