Seitz® HR Series Depth Filter Sheets

For cellulase enzyme filtration

Seitz HR Series Depth Enzyme Filter Sheets were developed to meet the industrial enzyme industry's production needs and requirements. These homogenous and consistent media include surface, depth and adsorptive filtration coupled with a positive zeta potential. So you get excellent filtrate quality, especially due to the retention of negatively charged particles. Due to surface modification and polyolefin fibers' presence, the resulting structural properties lead to improved sealing and reduced edge losses. While the high wet strength and media composition make them easy to remove and resistant to cellulose-degrading enzymes. Available in multiple grades and include:

  • Reliable microbial reduction with tighter grades
  • Easy removal, high solids retention and very good permeability
  • High economic efficiency due to a long service life 
  • Each individual cellulase enzyme filter sheet is laser etched with the sheet grade, batch number and production date for full traceability
Seitz® HR Series Depth Filter Sheets

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Seitz® HR Series Depth Filter Sheets, HR 2000 600x612 OL in cartons

Product ID: 705113
Unit of Measure
Min Order Qty
Filter Media
Kieselguhr, Perlite and Cellulose Fibers
Filter Area (Imperial)
3.95 ft²
Filter Area (Metric)
0.37 m²
Hot Water Sanitization
90 °C
Recommended max.dp
3 bar
Size (Imperial)
23.6 x 24.1 in
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  • Seitz HR Series Filter Sheet_1559 Aria Small Flow Sheet

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Instructions for Use

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  • Seitz HR 100

Fine filtration and reduction of microorganisms in cellulase enzyme solutions


  • Seitz HR 2000 

Cellulase enzyme clarification and fine filtration


  • Seitz HR 9000 

Diatomaceous earth (DE) support sheet for cellulase enzyme filtration. Coarse filtration of cellulase enzymes


Nominal Retention1

1Measured under laboratory test conditions. Removal performance of filter sheets is nominal and dependent on process conditions. There is no standardized method among manufacturers for its characterization.


Food Contact Compliance

Please refer to the Pall website for a Declaration of Compliance to specific National Legislation and/or Regional Regulatory requirements for food contact use.


Main Constituents

Polyolefin fibers, cellulose, diatomaceous earth (DE, Kieselguhr), and perlite



Grade Mass per Unit Area
Water Permeability2 L/m2/min (gal/ft2/min)
HR 100 1360 3.9 46 51 (1.2)
HR 2000 1220 3.9 45 350 (8.6)
HR 9000 1200 4.8 45 1550 (38.1)

These figures have been determined in accordance with in-house test methods and the methods of the Technical / Analytical Work Group within the European Depth Filtration Association.


2The permeability was measured under test conditions with clean water at 20 °C (68 °F) and a Δp of 1 bar (14.5 psi).


Cellulase Resistance

Seitz HR and standard Seitz K series filter sheets were tested for their resistance to cellulase under controlled laboratory conditions. After immersion, the burst force of the samples was measured.

HR sheets exhibit high wet strength when exposed to cellulase enzymes.


Sterilization and Sanitization

Method Temperature °C (°F) Maximum Differential Pressure bar (psi) Time3/ Cycle min
Steam 125 (257) 0.5 (7.2) 20
Hot Water 90 (194) 1 (14.5) 30

3The actual time required may vary as a function of the process conditions.

Filtration Guidelines4

As the filtrate quality can be impacted by the filtration flow rate, the following table provides flux rate guidelines. Please contact Pall for recommendations on your specific filtration process as results may vary by product, pre-filtration and filtration conditions.

Application Flow Velocity L/m2/h (gal/ft2/h) Maximum Differential Pressure bar (psi)
Bacteria load reduction from cellulase enzymes 525 (12.9) 1.5 (21.8)
Cellulase enzyme fine filtration 525 (12.9) 3 (43.5)
Clarification of cellulase enzymes 850 (20.9) 3 (43.5)
Coarse filtration of cellulase enzymes 850 (20.9) 3 (43.5)

4Please contact Pall for recommendations on your specific filtration process as results may vary by product, pre-filtration and filtration conditions.


For additional operating guidelines, including rinsing of sheets prior to use, please refer to instructions provided by Pall.



  • Seitz Filter Sheets are produced in a controlled environment
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001:215 certified Quality Management System