Marksman™ XLD High Flow Filter Cartridges

High Capacity, Pleated All-Polypropylene Filter Cartridges

Marksman high flow filter cartridges feature larger geometry and include the Poly-Fine® Extended Life Depth (XLD) proprietary media for the innovative merger of depth and pleated technologies. They are available to fit most Size 1 and Size 2 bag vessels with no hardware changes and can be ordered as 101.6 cm (40 in) for use in unique 101.6 cm (40 in) Pall vessels.

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Food & Beverage

Marksman™, Large Format Filters, Filter Grade 1.5 µm, Polypropylene, Size 2 bag, EPDM, Plastic self-adjusting flange

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Marksman™, Large Format Filters, Filter Grade 3 µm, Polypropylene, Size 2 bag, EPDM

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Why choose Marksman XLD high flow filter cartridges? 

These cartridges have a high surface area and high flow capacity. They offer excellent retention of deformable contaminants. 


Additional benefits include:

  • Proprietary gel guard media
  • Inside-out flow traps contaminants inside the element
  • Quick, easy change-outs
  • All polypropylene construction


Chemicals and Polymer

  • Chemicals – Final product (liquid), raw materials (gas, air, liquid) and intermediate product (other)
  • Petrochemicals – Benfield, Amine and other solvent loops
  • Polymer – Carbon fiber, nylon and polyurethane production

Industrial Manufacturing

  • Automotive – Parts washing, pre-treatment and e-coat, sealant, paint and coatings and test stands
  • Primary metals – Quenching/cleaning, roll bite/safety filter, shape + material handling
  • Mining – Final product (slurry) and municipal mining water (rinsing)
  • Pulp and paper – Bleach chemical prep, machine process application, paper coating and pulp screening
  • General industrial – Auto painting and zinc phosphate bath and midstream process water

Oil and Gas

  • Upstream – Injection water and SRU
  • Midstream – LNG acid gas, midstream acid gas, glycol filtration and process water


*Please refer to the documentation for additional specifications.


Performance Specifications


Filter grades


1.5, 3, 4.5, 10, 20, 30, 70 micron (µm)


Maximum operating differential pressure


Polypropylene cage: to 5.2 bard @ 20°C (75 psid @ 68°F)

                                       to 2.4 bard @ 74°C (35 psid @ 165°F)


NOTE: Stainless steel flange recommended for temperatures in excess of 43°C (110°F).






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  • Marksman XLD Series Filter Elements

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