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PhaseSep L/L Coalescer, 40in length, 3.75in diameter, ≤15ppm separation level, 14µm Beta 5000 solids removal rating

Product ID: LCS4H1AH1

Maximum Operating Temperature (F)
300 °F
Maximum Operating Temperature (C)
149 °C
Change out pressure drop (bar)
1.03 bar
Change out pressure drop (psid)
15 psid
Maximum differential pressure rating (bar)
3.5 bar
Maximum differential pressure rating (psid)
50 psid
Initial Pressure Drop (bar)
0.14 bar
Initial Pressure Drop (psid)
2 psid
Separation level (ppmv)
≤15ppm free water content
Micron rating for solids removal
14 µm Beta 5000 per modified OSU F-2 Test
IFT Limit
Effective above 2 IFT
Coalescer Length (Imperial)
40 in
Coalescer Length (Metric)
101.6 cm
Coalescer Diameter (Imperial)
3.75 in
O-Ring Material
Fluoropolymer Encapsulated Teflon
Hardware Material
304 Stainless Steel
End Cap Material
Epoxy Potted 304 Stainless Steel


PhaseSep L/L Coalescer, 40in length, 3.75in diameter, ≤15ppm separation level




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